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It's how it all began...

Cat Breeding For Beginners evolved out of my YouTube channel.  I set it up as a way to share information with new breeders beacuse I was getting so many questions on Facebook and Instagram about breeding basics.

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My Cattery Set Up Video

This is by far my most popular YouTube Video.  It showcases my cattery set up and describes how I keep my cats that live in my "Barn".

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Set Up Your Cats Birthing Box Video

In this step by step guide I show you how to prepare for the birth of your cats next litter. Look out for a special guest appearance from Cuddleton Baroness Angelica.

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Keeping Stud Cats Video

This video answers some of the questions I get asked the most often about keeping stud cats.  Its a topic every new breeder needs to invest some time into researching and this is a good introduction.


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Little bits of fun and info featuring my cats, myself and things I want to share with you "in the moment"


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I share lots of content on social media from discussion topics, photos, stories, links and much more.  Use the links below to follow Cat Breeding For Beginners and learn how to be a better, more confidant cat breeder.

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