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About Pamela

Hello there!  My name is Pamela Lanigan and I have been breeding British Shorthair cats and kittens since 2004.  I have a real passion for cat breeding as a hobby. 

It's really rewarding and brings me a lot of joy.  I want you to feel that same joy, that same happiness and most of all that sense of confidence as you enjoy your cat breeding hobby too.  

Let me help you by sharing what I have learned.  


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Not understanding this will lead to KITTENS DYING

In this episode of the Cat Breeding for Beginners Podcast I talk about "Neonatal Isoerythrolysis" or what I call Blood Type Incompatibility in cats. 


How do you get you BREEDING CATS to call?

Breeding cats is all about timing. You need to wait for certain things to line up at the right time in order to have a successful mating and then a successful litter.


How can I tell if my breeding cat is PREGNANT?

In this episode I answer the question "How can I tell if my breeding queen in pregnant?" and I share the secret for knowing with 100% accuracy how many kittens your cat will have.


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