Welcome to Cat Breeding For Beginners

Hi, I'm Pamela and I breed British Shorthair Cats in Perth Western Australia.  I have been breeding since 2004 and I love my hobby.  I am always being asked for advice by new breeders.  It can be really hard to find a mentor to help you at the start.  

Cat Breeding For Beginners is my way to share my knowledge and advice with as many new breeders as I can.  I want you to enjoy your hobby as much as I do.

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The Cat Breeding For Beginners Podcast where I share information, important topics and talk to other breeders.


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Visit my Youtube Channel where I share tips, guides and show you my own set up for my cats.  Make sure you subscribe.


My Online Courses

Stud Cats, you can't breed cats without them but there is not a lot of info out there about them for new breeders. 

Online Course

Keeping Stud Cats Video

This video answers some of the questions I get asked the most often about keeping stud cats.  Its a topic every new breeder needs to invest some time into researching and this is a good introduction.

Watch the video here

My Cattery Set Up Video

This is by far my most popular YouTube Video.  It showcases my cattery set up and describes how I keep my cats that live in my "Barn".

Watch the video here